Solaris 11.2 Network Virtualization screencasts

I’ve had a real blast working with members of Oracle Solaris engineering over the past 16 years, especially most recently with the Solaris Network engineering team.  In preparation for April 29th announcement of Oracle Solaris 11.2, I had participated in the production of a number of artifacts, including the below screencasts that I wanted to share with you.  Key topics are application-driven SDN and network virtualization, including the recently introduced Elastic Virtual Switch.  Please join me for a set of discussions and a hands-on demonstration of the Elastic Virtual Switch (via evsadm) with Nicolas Droux and Girish Moodalbail.   Available from the OracleSolaris channel on YouTube…









  1. Did you leave Oracle?

  2. Yes, the NeXTstep in 1D.

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