Application-driven SDN and Network Virtualization in Solaris 11.2

In February I had blogged about our excitement for OpenStack and areas of intersection with networking.

Just hours ago in New York City we’re proud to have announced the next update to Oracle Solaris, named Oracle Solaris 11.2 and the Beta is available now.  (You can read the What’s New highlights here.)  It includes a ton of incremental benefits, including support for kernel zones, unified archives, Software-Defined Networking, ZFS, compliance enhancements — just to name a few. Having worked very closely with the Solaris Network engineering team, and having the privilege to represent the group as a Oracle Solaris Product Manager, I am thrilled to provide a pointer to a concise blog post by Nicolas Droux – Chief Architect for Oracle Solaris Networking, providing highlights of new network-specific capabilities in this release:

  • Elastic Virtual Switch – a distributed virtual switch
  • Probe-based Datalink Multipathing
  • VxLAN support for overlay networks
  • OpenStack Neutron networking built-in
  • Application-driven SLAs with flows and flow socket APIs
  • Reflective Relay
  • Precision Time Protocol
  • NUMA I/O enhancements for high-frequency trading
  • SR-IOV VNIC support
  • Network monitoring

In addition to Nicolas, I’ve also been fortunate to have collaborated with Satish Murugesan and Girish Moodalbail of Solaris Network engineering, who are the invited experts in this video – talking about the benefits of the development work they and their teams have delivered, as they’re interviewed by Joost Pronk of our Solaris Product Management team.



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