How-To: Using Solaris’ built-in load balancing service

In addition to basic networking services like routing, bridging, firewall services (among others), the Oracle Solaris 11 Networking technologies portfolio provides an in-kernel Layer 3/Layer 4 load balancer, with support for multiple load-balancing algorithms.  It also has built-in health-check capabilities and is configured and managed using the ilbadm(1M) command.  We also provide support for Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP), which offers high-availability of routers through redundancy and fail-over — which, when used with with the Integrated Load Balancer (ILB),  provides additional redundancy for the load balancer.  VRRP is configurable with the vrrpadm(1M) command.

As part of ongoing Oracle Solaris Networking collateral development,  a new Oracle Solaris Hands-on Lab has become available on OTN earlier this month:

Deploying the Oracle Solaris Integrated Load Balancer in 60 Minutes 

Written by Amir Javanshir of Oracle’s ISV Engineering team, this lab demonstrates how the Integrated Load Balancer is engineered with Oracle Solaris Networking technologies to quickly and easily deliver value out of a bundled load-balancing system service.

There are many other Oracle Solaris Hands-on Labs, all of which are available at:


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